What is better: a hair dryer or a gas burner?

Every person working in the electrical power industry has asked the question at least once in their life: what is better to choose for installing a heat-shrinkable sleeve: a gas burner or a hair dryer? The Termofit team of professionals decided to help answer this question and understand the pros and cons of both options.

Advantages and disadvantages of a gas burner :

The strengths of a gas burner include the speed and intensity of heating. The gas torch provides an intense and powerful heat source, which can be useful when shrinking large couplings or when working with materials that require high temperatures to shrink.

The burner is convenient to use due to its small size. You can work in any conditions: outdoors, without access to power. It is also important to note that if you choose a small burner, you can easily move with it over any distance.

However, in addition to the advantages, a gas burner also has disadvantages. If you have experience working with open fire and are careless, you can easily injure yourself and damage work materials.

Pros and cons of a shrink dryer:

The gas burner rival has its advantages. The first plus is the ability to control and use uniform heating. A heat shrink heater provides the required heating of the coupling, which can be useful for achieving a uniform and high-quality connection.

The next important advantage is safety. Hair dryers are generally safe to use because they do not involve open flames. This may be preferable for those who are not experienced with gas burners.

But against the backdrop of all the advantages, it is worth mentioning the dependence of the shrink hair dryer on the power supply. The device requires a power connection or the use of a battery, so they may be less portable, especially in areas where there is no access to electricity.

A clear answer to the question “what is better?” does not exist. Based on the work process conditions and your abilities. In certain situations, different equipment will be more effective. But in all cases, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for using the selected tool and take care not to overheat the coupling or surrounding materials. And you can purchase a reliable gas burner from the leading manufacturer of cable fittings - Termofit .