Cableman's tent Thermofit from the manufacturer

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A cableman's tent (welder's tent, tent for installation of networks, pipelines) will provide reliable protection from wind, rain, snow and other weather conditions.

Technical specifications:

  • Folded size is 80x35x27 (cm)
  • The size of the tent is 300x240x170 (cm)
  • Gross weight - 10.5 kg
  • Tent color - khaki gray
  • Frame - 6 racks (aluminum D16T)
  • Pegs - 6 pieces
  • Tent fabric - tarpaulin, density 280 g/m2
  • Transparent windows - 4 pieces
  • Input-output - 2 pieces
  • Vent - 1 valve
  • Windproof skirt - all around
  • Bottom - missing

Design Features:

  • The absence of a bottom allows the tent to be used as a canopy and protect the installer inside the trench
  • 4 transparent windows located on two opposite sides for good lighting
  • Entrance to the cable tent on two opposite sides with zippers and Velcro provides additional wind protection and quick evacuation in case of an emergency
  • There is a windproof skirt along the perimeter of the tent awning, which allows you to close the trench on the sides. If necessary, the skirt can be tied up.
  • The tent in the upper part (roof) has a ventilation hole - a valve for removing carbon monoxide, to prevent accidents (this is important when working with a gas burner or other tools that burn oxygen)
  • The exhaust hole is located under a special awning that protects from rain getting into the tent
  • The frame is powder coated to prevent direct contact with metal at low temperatures
  • The awning fabric is made from natural fiber tarpaulin with a density of 280 g/m2, with sufficient fire resistance, waterproofness and windproofness.


1. Assemble all metal frame posts

2. Thread two straight poles into the flaps on the roof of the tent laid out on the ground

3. Insert the ends of the top posts into the curved sections of the side posts

4. Raise the roof of the tent and secure the side posts in the catchers

5. Secure the awning to the top posts

6. Stretch the bottom of the tent and secure it with pegs and guy ropes


  • Guaranteed shelf life 5 years from the date of shipment
  • The size of the tent is designed to fit standard trench dimensions, the design ensures quick erection of the tent on cable routes