End coupling 20PKVTp - 7 (3x35; 50)

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концевая внутренней установки
сшитый полиэтилен
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The end sleeve with plastic insulation from the leading manufacturer of cable fittings - Termofit - is designed taking into account European standards and meets the requirements of GOST. The coupling is intended for cables with plastic insulation with voltage up to 20 kV.

Main characteristics:


Wide range of operating temperatures: Termofit factories use only modern technologies that allow them to produce high-quality couplings that are resistant to ambient temperatures from -50ºС to +50ºС. Now the weather won't interfere with your work process.


High degree of protection: Experienced Termofit designers use materials that allow the coupling to maintain long-term operation in conditions of high humidity - the product retains its reliability and efficiency at air humidity up to 98%.


Installation reliability: Thermofit hot melt adhesive is applied to the inner surface of the coupling, which ensures complete tightness of the coupling after installation.


Quality guarantee: At Termofit factories, all products are made from high-quality materials and meet the requirements of GOST and European standards. Thanks to advanced Termofit materials, the coupling remains resistant to ultraviolet radiation.


Functionality: The Termofit product is suitable for most brands of power cables, their analogues and modifications: APvBV-10, APvBP-10, APvV-10, APvP-10, APvPg-10, APvP2g-10, APvPu-10, PvPu2g-10, APvPug-10, APvPu2g-10, APvKV-10, APvKPg-10, PvV-10, PvP-10, PvPg-10, PvPu-10, PvPug-10


By choosing our end couplings, you choose reliability, quality and safety. We guarantee that our products will serve you for many years. And to increase the efficiency of the installation process, we recommend using special Thermofit tools.