End coupling 35PKVTp0-3 (1x300; 400)

35-42 кВ
концевая внутренней установки
сшитый полиэтилен
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The end coupling with plastic insulation from the leading manufacturer in the world of cable fittings - Termofit - is designed specifically for working with power cables with voltages up to 42 kV and plastic insulation.


Main characteristics:


Wide range of operating temperatures: Termofit uses only modern technologies and high-quality materials, which allow them to produce advanced couplings that are resistant to ambient temperatures from -50ºС to +50ºС. Now the weather won't interfere with your work process.


High degree of protection: Experienced Termofit designers use materials that allow the coupling to maintain long-term operation in conditions of high humidity - the product retains its reliability and efficiency at air humidity up to 98%.


Installation reliability: Thermofit hot melt adhesive is applied to the inner surface of the coupling, which ensures complete tightness of the coupling after installation.


Quality guarantee: At Termofit factories, all products are made from high-quality materials and meet the requirements of GOST and European standards. Thanks to advanced Termofit materials, the coupling remains resistant to ultraviolet radiation.


Functionality: The Termofit product is suitable for most brands of power cables, their analogues and modifications: APvBV-10, APvBP-10, APvV-10, APvP-10, APvPg-10, APvP2g-10, APvPu-10, PvPu2g-10, APvPug-10, APvPu2g-10, APvKV-10, APvKPg-10, PvV-10, PvP-10, PvPg-10, PvPu-10, PvPug-10


Reliability and quality are what make the Termofit end coupling a true choice for professionals in the electrical power industry. And to increase the efficiency of the installation process, we recommend using our special tools .