Connecting coupling PSTk(4-10)x4-10 (4-10x)

1-3 кВ
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Coupling with plastic insulation for control cables with voltage no more than 3 kV. from the global manufacturer of cable fittings - Termofit. In the manufacture of couplings, we use advanced technologies and proven materials that guarantee stable transmission of impulses without interruptions or delays.

Long-term Quality: Termofit has been producing high-quality tools on the market for 35 years. Over the years, we have developed our own methods of manufacturing products at the highest level. Our reliability is the result of decades of experience.


Weather protection: Thanks to high-quality Termofit materials, the coupling has a durable plastic insulation that protects against moisture, dust and other atmospheric conditions.


Premium Class Insulation: Thermofit couplings are equipped with state-of-the-art plastic insulation, ensuring the safety of your electrical network and equipment.


Flexibility at Your Level: Our couplings offer a wide choice of number of cores, section sizes, and the ability to armor the coupling of your choice.


Certified Safety: At the Termofit production, all products are made from high-quality materials and meet the requirements of GOST and European standards.


Join those who have already made their choice in favor of quality and reliability. Increase the performance and protection of your control cables with Thermofit couplings